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Claims Policy

All claims for shortages or damages MUST be received by AFEX Logistic Solutions office in Kabul within 30 days of the date of delivery at destination. Rejected cases must be noted on our delivery document receipt at the time of delivery for a claim to be considered. No further adjustments to the case count will be allowed. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this policy! The following documentation must accompany all claim requests:

  1. The claim request should clearly indicate the vessel / flight / truck and container number, the number of missing or damaged cases, the item codes and the nature of any damages. Specific details on what is damaged and what is missing with supporting pictures.

  2. On Full Container Loads (Container Spots) : A complete copy of the Consignee's Receiving Records verifying the shortage or damage and signed by an authorized employee must accompany each claim. The seal number must be verified by a receiver and noted on the consignee's receiving records. Once a full container customer has filed a claim on a particular order, no further adjustments will be allowed on this order.

    1. Claims for damages must be accompanied by a photo clearly showing the nature and extent of the damage. If not, claim will not be accepted.

      * Our agent at pick up or drop off point will not accept or approve the pickup of damaged product by AFEX Logistic Solutions. The reason for this policy is to avoid situations where our trucker accepts returned product but we would decline a claim due to hidden damages or shortages. Remember if the product was received and shipped on pallets, we will most likely reject a claim for damaged product. A prompt answer will give the consignee an opportunity to file a claim with the supplier.

  3. A copy of the vendor's invoice must be supplied on all claim requests. Please note that the amount of the cash discount offered by the vendor will be deducted from the claim whether or not you take the discount.
  4. Please note that AFEX Logistic Solutions will not accept responsibility for certain losses. These include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Hidden shortages and damages found by the consignee on product that AFEX Logistic Solutions received and shipped on pallets, including missing pieces from master cases. We cannot be responsible for product that we cannot see when we sign for product. If we spot cases with hidden damages or missing pieces when we are loading your shipment, the case(s) will be held for a limited time for the shipper's pickup and a notation will be made on the load sheet identifying the number and type of cases held and the nature of the problem. We will then notify the shipper of the problem and request that a credit be issued to the consignee.

    2. Improper or missing temperature requirement on the shipper's bill of lading.

    3. Poor packaging i.e.: loose lids, insufficient packaging material (inadequate box strength).

    4. Steamship company schedule delay / Equipment shortage which results in a shipment missing the anticipated ship date. AFEX Logistic Solutions will not be liable for shipment delays caused by delays in scheduled sailings, equipment shortages, labor strikes or slowdowns and equipment breakdowns.

    5. Perishable product shipped dry. AFEX Logistic Solutions Freight is not responsible for dry freight that is damaged by shipping chill or frozen at the customer's or consignee's request.

    Please note that we will make every effort to itemize your orders when they are delivered to us. However, if the product is stacked on pallets in such a way that the product is uncountable and the driver refuses to help and, most importantly, temperature integrity cannot be maintained, we reserve the right to either sign for a total piece count or Shipper's Load and Count (SLC). In the event that we sign for a total piece count, we will not be responsible for shortages and overages among the various items.

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