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AFEX Logistic Solutions is a member company of the I Group providing diversified and wide range of services Domestically, Regionally and Internationally.

Our specialization in Transportation, Logistics, Distribution and Shipping services is extended internationally. We operate at all Ports, Airports and borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Our global activities, supported by our International Cargo Transportation Network Management, enables us to offer the best services in regards to co-ordinating and arranging all shipment procedures from any origin to any destination across the world. This makes our difference in the market, bringing benefits like quickness, flexibility and safety for the logistics needs of exporters and importers.

I Group Ltd

The I Group is a family owned business group with varied interests across Afghanistan, Pakistan, the UAE, East Africa and North America. The group came into being in 1959, distributing consumer electronics in Afghanistan. Since then, it has ventured into other industries, and is currently involved in:

  • Air, Ground & Ocean Cargo
  • Construction Chemicals and Building Materials
  • Express Transportation and Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Vehicle Sales, Leasing and Servicing

The group is deeply committed to providing its customers with quality products and services while ensuring that ethical business practices are followed. It strikes the perfect balance of entrepreneurial foresight and professional skills demanded by today's competitive and dynamic business environment.